John Archer Dandridge Ltd. P.C.
John Archer Dandridge Ltd. P.C.
1994 Master of Social Work (MSW) with honors, Eastern Michigan University,

1979 Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Wayne State University

Hello, my name is John Dandridge, I am a formally trained Social Worker/Therapist, and multi-system service provider. I am experienced in individual, family and group counseling. My areas of expertise include: child abuse and neglect counseling, substance abuse counseling as well as individual, family and group counseling.

Prior to my professional career in counseling, I have worked in Foster Care, Corrections and Juvenile Justice and I am well acquainted with these systems. Of special interest to me is the child foster care system, Adolescent Supervised Independent Living programs, conflict-resolution programs and matters relating to the societal and developmental issues of adolescent African American males.

During the course of my professional career, I have established and maintained excellent relationships with clients, supervisors and colleagues alike. As important as the service I provide, is the manner in which I provide it. I know that customer service and satisfaction is paramount to meeting the needs of the individuals that I serve. I am careful in “meeting my clients where they are.” I explain that our sessions together will require hard-work, setting goals relevant treatment plans and follow through.

I am an active listener who believes in strength-based and solution-focused outcomes. I welcome opportunities to work with diverse populations. I pride myself on having the ability to provide non-judgmental, fair and informed feedback. It is important to me to address the issues that my clients are challenged by.

I invite my clients to share and explore different ways to process their life information in an effort to reach resolution. More often than not, my clients come to me in great pain and emotionally fragile. My assignment is to engage them in a safe and non-threatening environment, allowing them an opportunity to be open with and open to me.

Once the healing process is underway, I continue to educate and share information with my clients so they are able to take the newly acquired information and apply it to their lives

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